1. A home and away fixture will be played between every team in the league. The first named team on  the fixture list will be the home team and will be responsible for arranging the match.

2. Each match will consist of one single, a pair, a triple and one fours game, singles players 4 woods all others 2 woods.

3. Each Singles and Pairs game will be played over 9 ends, Triples and Fours 7 ends. There will be no practice for the visiting team before the game only 2 trial ends.

4. Two points will be awarded for each game won, with one point for a draw game. No extra ends will be allowed.

5. A maximum of two (2) dead/burnt ends is permissible by 1 team in any one game. In the event of  3rd dead end, 3 shots will be awarded to the opposing team.

6. Clubs must name 10 players for extra teams and a minimum of 8 players to play with two (2) allowed to double up, these to be chosen by the opposing captain. Each club and members of the team must be registered with the WSMBA, and CSMBA.

7. Score cards must be signed by Captains of both teams and sent with a score sheet to the League Secretary within 5 days.

8. If it is not possible to complete a fixture by the date given, the fixture Secretary should be notified. The match can be re-arranged if both teams are in agreement.

9. If a team fails to play a fixture by the agreed date, and insufficient notice is given to the opposition, (at least 48 hours), 8 points will be awarded to the opposition. If cancellation is due to adverse weather conditions the fixture shall be re-arranged.

10. The CSMBA League Secretary must be notified in writing within seven (7) days of any disputes between Teams, Clubs or Members with regard to any particular fixture, copies must be sent to all parties involved. The CSMBA committee will make a final decision on the action to be taken.

11. A qualified Umpire must Officiate at all league games, their decision will be final in all matters of  the game. In the absence of any express rule, true sportsmanship and common sense will find an acceptable solution.

12. The number of mats to be used for matches shall be decided by the captain of the home team.

13. Footwear for all matches and competitions must be either bowling shoes or smooth heel-less footwear. Trainers will not be allowed.

    For general rules please refer to the W.S.M.B.A. official Rule Book, available from the Secretary or Treasurer